Welcome to my site!

I live in the Twin Cities and have been photographing since early

2000. Now in 2013, I am finally sharing my work with you. It all

started after seeing the great photographic work of a friend, and

especially noting all the fun travel that could be had with a camera

in hand. Sure, learning to shoot with a film camera might be a challenge, but I was

hooked and immediately began taking photography classes. First was the darkroom

learning black and white photography. How exciting it was seeing images appear so

magically in a chemical solution. By 2004, I was shooting with a digital SLR camera

and with it came a new learning experience. I have enjoyed the beauty and solitude

of nature with my camera in all types of weather. Twenty below zero comes to mind

when my camera actually stopped operating! My husband, Dave, and I have taken

many road trips through the years, and he has always patiently waited while I

composed my shots.

Landscape, floral and wildlife photography are what I love, but lately food

photography has become a new interest. Cooking has always been a passion, and at

one time a business, so photographing food made sense. I also love to experiment

with new artistic technniques, either in-camera or with computer generated effects and

there are many examples in my galleries.

Thanks for visiting! My email is : if you wish to contact me.
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